Art Journey for a Purpose

Swapna collects discarded plastics, and individually hand-cut or carve
them to create structures, inspired by the forms and patterns from
nature itself. She cherishes this connection and believes in that
artistic exchange between the artist and nature around her.

‘For The Planet'

Plastic sculptor. Extremely passionate to contribute greener days for the coming generations. She upcycle plastics to create sculptural artworks .She try to bring a unique style in each of her work, with different painting technique, using pourable fluid oil paints and acrylics. Giving freedom to the colors, She has worked on a range of subjects, like nature and outerspace, people and culture, social awareness etc.
Nature being her favorite subject, she like to create unique texture and visual treat using plastic scraps. With the inspiration, imagination, and emotions, she delves deeply into the soul of the work to portray it in its best.
Usage of bright and bold colors, gives a warm and vibrant aura for all the paintings.

Latest Collection-Nano Reefs

A collection of 10 mixed media sculptural artwork, done on canvas with a beautiful texture created using repurposed plastics. These artworks are inspired by a close up macro shot of Ricordea Corals.
‘Let’s make corals colorful again’
Due to Global warming, half of the great barrier reef has died since 2016. This ecosystem collapse can lead to devastating effects on our planet.
Every small action from each individual count.
I chose to contribute through my art by reducing the plastic trash by converting it into a piece of art and spread the word of awareness.


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